Welcome to the unofficial web site for the 85th Fighter Interceptor Squadron. This site is intended to convey information and a bit of aviation history. It isn't fancy... that will be left to better designers than I. So, pitch in... help is welcomed. And I have only the bit of history that I remember and that was contributed by others to date... inputs are very welcome.
Why this site? This humble contributor, Donald M Condra's, first assignment after pilot training in 1953 was to the 85th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Scott AFB, Illinois flying the F-86D. Many fond memories remain to be shared with you.  85th comrades... please contribute and share your memories here !









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This site has been inactive for some time, however, it is being updated as time permits.  03-26-2019

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Be sure to check the links below. Forrest Fenn has a most interesting one. Of course, he's a very  interesting former member of the 85th FIS!

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