20 May 1955 -- from original donated by Dick Gruber.. 85th FIS       
LTC HABECK, CARL W                   SQUADRON COMMANDER 6500A 0066A 0066A 14-Jun-54 S SP 6-Nov-48 310 Hesse Ave, Apt 935         Scott AFB AD62343 4187
LTC PECK, DOUGLAS M               ATTACHED 7834A 0066 1124C 20-Feb-51 M P 1-May-51 217W                                   Scott AFB 5225 4187
MAJOR CAMPBELL, DAVID D        OPERATIONS OFFICER 14663A 1435 1435 13-May-54 M P 6-May-52 420A Ware Ave, Apt 366       Scott AFB AD64492 3228
MAJOR MULANAX, ROBERT V    EXECUTIVE OFFICER 13286A 1416 7024 15-Feb-51 M SP 20-Aug-54 1406G Paegelow                Scott  AFB 6217 4187
CAPT BENHAM, HAROLD N                ASST OPS OFFICER 15249A 1124C 1121C 5-Feb-51 M P 25-Nov-45 1175 Dawn Drive                    Belleville, ILL AD31035J 3228
CAPT FIEGENER, BARNARD H     MAINTENANCE OFFICER AO941995 4344 4344 1-Sep-51 M N/A Indef 25-Jan-53 108 Pryor Drive, Apt 961       Scott AFB AD64627 3322
CAPT GRUBER, RICHARD T            PLT AO1908902 1124E 1124E 15-Apr-51 M P Indef 3-Sep-51 219 Grey Plaza, Apt 474        Scott AFB AD62436 2195
CAPT HANNOLD, FRANK C             PLT AO824485 1121 1121E 8-Dec-44 M P Indef 26-Mar-45 1404H Paegelow                        SAFB, ILL 2183 6136
CAPT KENNEDY, MICHAEL J            TDY - SCHOOL AO825451 7321 7321 18-Sep-52 M P Indef 2-Mar-46 1405D Paegelo                   Scott AFB 31289 6180
CAPT SMITH, JOSEPH W             AIRCRAFT MAINT OFFICER 15782A 4344 4344 23-Mar-51 M P 20-Jul-45 614 W Main St,                   Lebanon, ILL Kellogg           76680     3322
CAPT WATERS, RALPH R                PLT 244744A 1124C 1121C 8-Feb-55 M P 7-Dec-41 1135 Dawn Drive                  Belleville, ILL AD37199J 2195
1LT BOTHWELL, JAMES H             PLT AO1858979 1124C 1124C 8-Oct-52 S P Indef 7-Dec-41 #3 Kircher Place                        Belleville, ILL AD33690R 2195
1LT BROWN, FREDERICK H            PLT AO3022473 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-55 M P 15-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 Officers Trailer Ct.                 Scott AFB 2195
1LT CARNEY, JOE R                       PLT AO2238339 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-54 M P 1-Nov-56 7-Dec-41 315 Hesse, Apt 422            Scott AFB AD62123 2195
1LT CONDRA, DONALD M               PLT AO3022325 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-55 S P 15-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 301 Hesse,                            Scott AFB AD62268 2195
1LT DENBY, WALTER W                 PLT AO3018122 1124C 1124C 15-Mar-55 S P 14-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 107A Pryor Drive, Apt 537     Scott AFB AD64401 2195
1LT JORDAN, HUBERT A                  PLT AO2224566 1124C 1124C 19-Feb-54 M P 1-Aug-55 7-Dec-41 Qtrs 206C                              Scott AFB 5219 2195
1LT LONG, RONALD D                     PLT AO3005102 1124C 1124C 11-Nov-54 M P 30-Apr-56 7-Dec-41 224B Gray Plaza, Apt 29       Scott AFB AD64746 2195
1LT LYNCH, ROBERT E                   PLT         AO3022481 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-55 S P 15-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 301 Hesse                             Scott AFB AD62268 2195
1LT MILLER, EDWARD K                 PLT AO3022482 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-55 M P 15-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 O'Fallon RR1, Shiloh Country Store, Shiloh, ILL ME3330 2195
1LT PHILLIPS, ROBERT W               TDY - SCHOOL AO1850614 3234 3234 21-Apr-53 M N/A Indef 8-Nov-45 307B Hesse, Apt 921          Scott AFB AD64493 3521
1LT PORTER, CHAUNCEY A            PLT AO3022816 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-55 S P 15-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 107S Pryor Drive, Apt 537     Scott AFB AD64401 2195
1LT RARDIN, RICHARD W              PLT AO1856099 1124C 1124C 16-Jul-52 S P Indef 26-Oct-46 BOQ 1512, Rm114                SCOTT AFB 31203 2195
1LT RILEY, BUFORD D                     PLT AO3004945 1124C 1124C 1-Nov-54 M P 30-Apr-56 7-Dec-41 209 Grey Plaza, Apt 1000      Scott AFB 2195
1LT SHORTAL, PAUL E                  PLT 24157A 1124C 1124C 24-Nov-53 M P 7-Dec-41 112 Pryor Drive, Apt 897     Scott AFB 2195
1LT SITES, JOSEPH E JR               PLT AO940302 1124C 1124C 12-Jun-53 M P Indef 7-Dec-41 232 Gray Plaza, Apt 497       Scott AFB AD64965 2195
1LT SKUR, ANTHONY I                    PLT AO3022386 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-55 M P 15-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 312 Hesse, Apt 435            Scott AFB AD64671 2195
1LT SMITH, ROBERT B                  PLT 24168A 1124C 1124C 24-Nov-53 S P 7-Dec-41 408 Ware Ave,  Apt 881                       Scott AFB AD62387 6136
1LT SNOW, CLAYTON C                PLT 24955A 1124C 1124C 18-Jun-54 S P 29-May-54 406 E "B" Street          Belleville, ILL AD30023W
1LT STOIK, THEODORE M               PLT 24966A 1124C 1124C 18-Jun-54 M P   28-May-54 414 Ware Ave, Apt 871       Scott AFB AD64423  
1LT VORHIES, JAMES W                 PLT AO3005206 1124C 1124C 1-Nov-54 S P 30-Apr-56 7-Dec-41 408 Ware Ave, Apt 881               Scott AFB AD62387
1LT WEAVER, BILL N                      PLT A03005546 1124C 1124C 1-Nov-54 S P 30-Apr-56 7-Dec-41 107A Pryor Dr., Apt537      Scott AFB AD64401
1LT WHITE, JACK F                         PLT AO3022822 1124C 1124C 17-Mar-55 S P 15-Sep-56 7-Dec-41 224A Gray Plaza, Apt 25     Scott AFB AD62478
1LT WIGHT, FRANK R                      PLT AO3005102 1124C 1124C 1-Nov-54 M P 30-Apr-56 7-Dec-41 Apt 167A                              Scott AFB 2225
2LT BOWEN, CHARLES C         ASSIST INTELLIGENCE OFFICER AO3031563 2051 2051 14-Mar-55 M N/A 13-Mar-58 7-Dec-41 309 Hesse Ave, Apt 931      Scott AFB AD64440
2LT BUCHOLZ, THEODORE C          PLT AO3023475 1124C 1124C 2-Nov-53 M P 1-Nov-56 7-Dec-41 407 Ware Ave, Apt842        Scott AFB AD64674
2LT DUGGAN, SAMUEL W         ASST OJT OFFICER AO3030081  7021 7021 14-Mar-55 S N/A 13-Mar-58 7-Dec-41 2368 Delmar Blvd         University City 5, MO WY12535
2LT FENN, FOREST B                     PLT AO3023476 1124C 1124C 2-Nov-53 S P 1-Nov-56 7-Dec-41 211 Gray Plaza,  Apt 498     Scott AFB AD62218
2LT KERNS, RICHARD M        SUPPLY OFFICER AO3009609 6421 6421 11-Mar-54 M N/A 10-Mar-56 7-Dec-41 Qtrs 171D, "B" Street          Scott AFB 4219
2LT KURTZ, PHILLIP F            ADJUTANT AO3018997 7321 7321 14-May-54 M N/A 13-May-56 7-Dec-41 227 Gray Plaza, Apt 29        Scott AFB AD64631 34233
2LT MITCHENER, WILLIAM A       ASST AIRCRAFT MAINT OFFICER AO3032583 5521 5521 14-Mar-55 M N/A 13-Mar-58 7-Dec-41 311 Hesse Ave, Apt 429       Scott AFB AD64619 3322
2LT TOVEN, JOSEPH R                  PLT AO3023893 1124C 1124C 2-Nov-53 S P 1-Nov-56 7-Dec-41 224A Gray Plaza, Apt 25     Scott AFB AD62478 2195
2LT ZVETINA, EDMUND J          INTELLIGENCE OFFICER AO2253643 2051 2051 17-Jul-53 M N/A Indef 7-Dec-41 207 Gray Plaza, Apt 996     Scott AFB AD62137 6136