Reassignment of 113th FS personnel to the newly reformed 85th Fighter Interceptor Squadron.... Provided courtesy of Ralph Waters. In Navy lingo, these personnel are known as "Plank Owners"... first ever assigned personnel to the 85th FIS. Note the mixture of Air National Guard (ANGUS), Regular Officers, and Air Force Reserve.



SO 80 issued 23 October 1952 


EAFPOA: Exigencies of the AF which prevented issuance of written orders in advance


Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

NUMBER 81)                                    31 October 1952 

      l. Folg-named Off & amn, PP, this orgn, this sta, PFD unless other- wise indicated, are reld fr asgmt and dy this orgn and are asgd 85th Ftr- Intcp Sg (ADC), this sta. Pers WP to new unit of asgmt 1 Nov 52 rptg to CO thereat NLT same dt. No Tvl involved. PCA EDCSA 1 Nov 52. kuth: GO34, Hqs, CADF dtd 10 Oct 52.

             Name          Grade     AFSN          Comp      Race

KLEMOVICH JOSEPH T    LT COL   3735A         Reg AF     (W)
FARMER OWEN P JR      Maj      15684A        Reg AF     (W)
LANE JAMES M          Maj      AO730539      AF Res     (W)  

DDY  BARBER KENNETH H      CAPT     17845A        Reg AF     (W)
BENHAM HAROLD         CAPT     15249A        Reg AF     (W)

DDY  BUTTRY PAUL D         CAPT     AO02091149    AF Res     (W)
CARBERRY JAMES E JR   CAPT     A0825409      AF Res     (W) 
COBB RALPH S          CAPT     A0855986      AF Res     (W)
CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM R  CAPT     A02059235     ANGUS      (W)
DEMOREST JOHN N       CAPT     14898A        Reg AF     (W)    
FLADMARK OSCAR R      CAPT     AO742859      ANGUS      (W)
LAYNE WILLIAM J       CAPT     A0819548      ANGUS      (W)

DDY  MARRON JOHN T         CAPT     A0832437      ANGUS      (W)
NITCHELL DEAN H       CAPT     AO704709      ANGUS      (W)    
PETRANOFF CHARLES V   CAPT     A0826279      ANGUS      (W)

DDY  RICHASON LEE F        CAPT     AO732367      ANGUS      (W)    
HOLLES JOSEPH P       CAPT     AO719434      ANGUS      (W) 
WILLIAMS HERMAN H     CAPT     A0843229      AF Res     (W)
KENNEDY MICHAEL J     CAPT     A0825451      AF Res     (W)
WILKINSON JACK 0      CAPT     A0573778      AF Res     (W)
GRUBER RICHARD T      1ST LT   A01908902     AF Res     (W)
HOLDEN JOSEPH C       1ST LT   AOl98913      AF Res     (W)
JOHNSON BURTON B      1ST LT   A01855394     AF Res     (W)
KNECHT ROBERT G       1ST LT   AO1903697     ANGUS      (W)

DDY  KUHN LAURENCE J       1ST LT   AO1908588     AF Res     (W)
MILLER CARL E         1ST LT   AO695331      ANGUS      (W)
MOORE JAMES P         1ST LT   AO2059342     ANGUS      (W)
PELLERITI RICHARD V   1ST LT   AO1995806     AF Res     (W)
REGNER FREDERICK J    1ST LT   AO2029216     AF Res     (W)
SCHNEIDER CHARLES P   1ST LT   AO1903630     AF Res     (W)
SHARP ROBERT L        1ST LT   AO1903630     ANGUS      (W)
MC CORD ROY A         1ST LT   AO714961      AF Res     (W)

                            SECURITY INFORMATION

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